Winter Sickness in the Air and What to do about it!

Winter Sickness in the Air and What to do about it!
The bug is affecting so many this year, young and old.  Keeping above the wellness line has never been more important. 

Fevers can be scary and prompt us there's an infection but they aren't something to be afraid of.  It's simply our bodies way of fighting off the sickness.

Our bodies were designed to heal themselves if given what it needs our bodies will fight off the sickness or disease. 

Many ask what can I do to help get over sickness quicker if I have gotten sick or what to do if I feel like I am about to get sick.

Feel free to ask and I will help you if need be but educate yourself with the REF Guide for EO we have mentioned and look up what it recommends based on your symptoms. 

The oils in the starter kit give you a good base for whatever ails you.

Did you know you can take a vegetable cap with some oils in it and holistically combat this sickness and it will go away faster?

Rub some oils on areas of your body where you ache or have pain (use a carrier if you're a first timer or have sensitive skin).

Diffuse the oils that will help with what you're struggling with at the moment.

I want to introduce you to Jennifer Huffstetler, some of you know her as Jen, the wellness nurse.  She's a gold YL (young living) leader in our group.  She lives in Clover, SC.  She is married to Jonathan Huffstetler and they have three children under the age of 7.  A former RN, she came home to be with her kids and do young living full time.  

She comes on live every Sunday night in the Wellness Lounge (if you're not in this group, please let me know, friend me on Facebook and I will add you) at 9:00 p.m.  The cool thing is if you're not available then you can go back and watch it later in the week.

Two weeks ago, she did an phenomenal job teaching about the how to combat the sickness that is affecting so many lately, a wellness bath, no to Tylenol, what thermometer to purchase, how babies can have Ningxia Red, etc.

I have watched this video twice and taken notes, I encourage you to do the same.

Some of you with little ones, I did tag you in it. 

It's truly things I wish I had know when my girls were smaller.

Today she's coming on earlier due to the Super Bowl.

Stay tuned in the Wellness Lounge for these videos each Sunday they are very informative.

Like Oily Oasis on Facebook for info and education on essential oils, oil-infused vitamins, chemical- free Thieves cleaner, vegan make-up, seedlings baby line, and our slique collection for healthy weight management. 

Download this app!

Download this app!
My questions are answered when having this app as a quick reference on my phone.  

Head over to the app store and download this!

It's amazing all that I have learned on this app.

It's a one time $6.99 or if you'd rather have the book, it's $13.99 on Amazon.

I like to have the information at a quick glance and have enjoyed learning and reading while waiting in car line or when I have a few, spare moments.

You can learn about all of the individual oils, blends, the personal guide (amazing to see what oils you can use for what symptoms you and your family may be having!) and the application.

As we are learning and growing, we are learning more ways of how to use the oils.  There's so many ways to use them.

How many have put some on the bottom of your feet yet? 

There's a class this week at the Vintage Nest in Mt. Holly from 6:30-8:00, I hope you can make it!

I learn something new every time I attend.

Hope you have a great week! :)


Winter is Here - what to do to help fight off the sickness!

Winter is Here - what to do to help fight off the sickness!
Winter has made its arrival and I'm sure you've heard just about everywhere you turn about those who are getting sick!

The cold temperatures and the snow in some areas let us know we are in for quite a winter season this year.

Besides taking extra Super C, we need to talk about what we can do to help our immune systems stay strong to be able to fight off a cold, the flu, and any other symptoms that may come our way!

Keep Immune Levels Strong

Diffuse peppermint, RC, lavender, thieves, lemon, and if you're looking to add some oils to your wellness starter kit, add raven and  immupower (every 3 days, change up the blends you're diffusing so your body doesn't get immune to the same ones).

In addition, the inner defense capsules or immupro chewables along with the Super C are very beneficial.  In an earlier blog post, we mentioned taking vitamins.  Some of you have gotten on our Essential Rewards and have ordered those.  If you haven't and need a recommendation on a vitamin, please reply to this blog post so I can help you.

Ningxia Red wolfberry juice (that came in your premium starter kit - if you have gotten that already) is chocked full of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients.  A recommended one ounce daily will boost your immune system and wellness levels.  Kids love it!  If you can't get your child to take a vitamin, then you must try this!

Young Living also has thieves cleaner to keep the countertops sanitized and thieves spray that you can spray the grocery cart handle down with or the toilet seat when you're out and about. The thieves hand purifier with peppermint oil is fantastic and easy on the hands.  It's great to keep in your purse, vehicle, or backpack to get rid of germs as well.  I must not forget to mention we have thieves lozenges and cough drops to keep on hand just in case!

I hope you've had a wonderful first week to 2018.  I look forward to hearing that all of you are healthy and well!

Have a great week! 

Jennifer :)

We need OILS for the holidays! -- Let's Detox

We need OILS for the holidays! -- Let's Detox
It's crunch time!

Everyone is rushing around and finishing up those last minute items.  

We feel the stress and the need to get our to do lists finished and we need we can RELAX!

It's the end of the year and a time to rejuvenate but at the same time unwind from working so hard all year long!

Step 1, let's detox. 
Diffusing alone creates a detox for everyone in our home, so go ahead and add 4 drops of stress away and 4 drops of lavender to lighten the mood and unwind at night. (Do your kids have a diffuser yet in their rooms? Make a wish list for those items you still need).

Step 2, get the toxins out in a hot bath. 
Drop 5 drops of peppermint (other oils can be used also, lavender is one) in two cups of epsom salt, a cup of baking soda and swish together.  Put in warm water and unwind for 30 minutes. 

Why do we need to detox?

Here's 5 reasons why:

*Helps to boost magnesium levels (remember almost everyone is deficient) and build immunity 
*Release the toxins (sources like processed foods, pollution, and pesticides)
*Soothes muscle and joint aches and pains
*Opens up nasal passages (sweat it out! Great for colds, flu, and illness) *Eucalyptus oil is great for this 
*Relaxes you and helps you get a good night's rest

Do my children need to take a detox bath?  YES, they do (especially when they're sick)

Here's 5 reasons why:

*Strengthen immune system
*Help muscles and nerves function properly 
*Helps promote concentration
*To flush out toxins that have built up in their body
*To promote sleep and relaxation 

*Kids need 1/4 c Epsom Salt and 1/4 c baking soda and the same amt of drops in their bath of essential oils at 20 min duration 

Drink water after before falling asleep for the night.   Your pores will be open so don't apply any deodorant or lotions afterwards unless its chemical and aluminum free because you don't want your body to absorb chemicals especially after this detox.

The goal is to get the toxins and chemicals out of our household one jar or bottle at a time. 

I hope you do find some time to detox, relax, and unwind during this holiday season.  Make it a goal to do this at least twice a month in the New Year!

Hope you're having a great week :)



You NEED this vitamin and maybe even twice a day!

Do you take vitamins?  

I have to admit I didn't take vitamins consistently until 2 years ago.  My mom would buy the women's multi-vitamin for me but I dislike medicine of any kind in the form of pills, capsules, nasal sprays, any of it.  I would take one every now and again.

I also dislike doctor's visits, too.  

I am sure you're most likely not a fan either.  

We are almost all vitamin D deficient and magnesium deficient.  There are so many things we lack and don't get enough of.

Children, and adults of all ages, need to take vitamins daily and not just any kind of vitamins.  

Vitamins are not all created equal.  

That was one of the very first things I was told two years ago after my diagnosis was that, "don't get your vitamins just anywhere."  I was also told to take two a day.  WHAT?  I don't like even taking one a day.

Young Living's OmegaGize has what we all need daily.  It contains 3 core daily supplements: vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and CoQ10.  

These are great but what makes them better is they are infused with an essential oil blend containing spearmint, german chamomile, and clove.  These help eye and joint health, immunity, inflammatory responses, and the mood. 

Clove essential oil provides antioxidant support. German chamomile supports inflammatory support and Vitamin D3 helps the body to absorb calcium, support a stable mood, and maintain normal circulation. Spearmint oil helps it to taste good (some vitamins are yuck!), and the COQ10 is a vital antioxidant that helps support cellular function and energy production. 

What's cool to me is the essential oils in OmegaGize help our bodies to absorb the vitamin so much so that it increases the absorption by 15-16 times.  

One bottle of OmegaGize has 120 capsules.  Take two a day and this bottle will last you for two months.  Take one a day and it will last you for four. 

Who's not on a vitamin daily?  

I challenge you to get on these vitamins this month.  

Don't wait. 

It's time to give your body what it needs and build that immune system to fight off viruses, colds, sickness, and disease.

Email or text me and let me know when you get these ordered, I am excited for you to get your family on these.

P.S.  We have plant-based KidScents MightyVites for the kids, 120 chewable tablets.  They don't always eat their veggies and need their bodies filled with proper nutrients.  

Hope you're having a great week! 

Jennifer :)

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