I knew I had to help my oldest last year and even though I had heard of the oils, I just hadn't "gotten there" yet.  I am sure you can relate, we are busy all the time.  I knew I needed some for my health and wellness too but when your children need something, there's a mother extinct that kicks in overdrive! 

I had to help because she wasn't getting adequate sleep at night.  She was tossing and turning waking up tired and exhausted.  Senior year was tough with many deadlines, projects, college applications, you name it!  On top of that, she worked a part-time job and still cheered for football and basketball.

I reached out to a neighbor of mine and asked if she knew anyone who sold Young Living.  I needed someone to hook me up!

My neighbor connected me with someone I didn't even know!  I met with her and she was a former RN who truly believed in the oils. My mom also wanted to hear about them and we set up an appointment to meet.

I then learned of lavender and how it helps with our rest and stress levels aiding in sleep support.

BOOM, I could use something that was safe and that would help in addition to making her whole room smell amazing!

My other two daughters were intrigued and, needless to say, they also wanted to experience the calming lavender at night. 

I ordered the premium starter kit from Young Living that night, as did my mom, and began my journey of essential oils in January 2017.

Lavender was just the beginning.  

We all have a diffuser in our bedrooms and one in the kitchen as well.  

I'm also super thankful for lavender because it also helps my youngest daughter with some irritations on her skin.

Check out YLsearch.com under images and look at all the benefits of using lavender, it will amaze you!

Thankful for YL and my upline, Stacey Vincent!


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