You are important.

You are needed.

You are valuable.

In our society, we are always on the go.  I find myself saying this term a lot, "all go, no quit."  I feel that's where most of us are.  Finding ourselves working, parenting, serving, helping others, we all have much on our plates.  All the more reason that we must take care of ourselves.

I hear and see so many who are so stressed on the daily, unable to sleep at night, who struggle with anxiety, healthy eating, and all of the above for some. These things take a toll on our bodies and can lead to sickness and even disease. 

What we put in our bodies and on our bodies matters. 

Sickness can hinder us from fulfilling God's plan in our lives and inhibit us from feeling healthy and whole to do His work.  Our families and co-workers depend on our guidance and assistance.  When we don't feel well we aren't living up to our full potential.

Building our immunity with potent essential oils and taking vitamins infused with essential oils will help us to fight off sickness and germs enabling us to lead productive lives.

I am so happy that you're educating yourself on taking care of your bodies.  Your children, family, co-workers, and friends will also learn from you as you share about your journey.  

They're curious about a better, more healthier way.  Please don't keep these oils and chemical free products a secret.  

They're important.

They need you. 

They're valuable too.

Talk soon!

Jennifer :)


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