Do you take vitamins?  

I have to admit I didn't take vitamins consistently until 2 years ago.  My mom would buy the women's multi-vitamin for me but I dislike medicine of any kind in the form of pills, capsules, nasal sprays, any of it.  I would take one every now and again.

I also dislike doctor's visits, too.  

I am sure you're most likely not a fan either.  

We are almost all vitamin D deficient and magnesium deficient.  There are so many things we lack and don't get enough of.

Children, and adults of all ages, need to take vitamins daily and not just any kind of vitamins.  

Vitamins are not all created equal.  

That was one of the very first things I was told two years ago after my diagnosis was that, "don't get your vitamins just anywhere."  I was also told to take two a day.  WHAT?  I don't like even taking one a day.

Young Living's OmegaGize has what we all need daily.  It contains 3 core daily supplements: vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and CoQ10.  

These are great but what makes them better is they are infused with an essential oil blend containing spearmint, german chamomile, and clove.  These help eye and joint health, immunity, inflammatory responses, and the mood. 

Clove essential oil provides antioxidant support. German chamomile supports inflammatory support and Vitamin D3 helps the body to absorb calcium, support a stable mood, and maintain normal circulation. Spearmint oil helps it to taste good (some vitamins are yuck!), and the COQ10 is a vital antioxidant that helps support cellular function and energy production. 

What's cool to me is the essential oils in OmegaGize help our bodies to absorb the vitamin so much so that it increases the absorption by 15-16 times.  

One bottle of OmegaGize has 120 capsules.  Take two a day and this bottle will last you for two months.  Take one a day and it will last you for four. 

Who's not on a vitamin daily?  

I challenge you to get on these vitamins this month.  

Don't wait. 

It's time to give your body what it needs and build that immune system to fight off viruses, colds, sickness, and disease.

Email or text me and let me know when you get these ordered, I am excited for you to get your family on these.

P.S.  We have plant-based KidScents MightyVites for the kids, 120 chewable tablets.  They don't always eat their veggies and need their bodies filled with proper nutrients.  

Hope you're having a great week! 

Jennifer :)


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